Angel Faces by Scott Vincent

Published by Troubador


Vendicare, from the Italian – to avenge or have revenge.
“Vendicare is an independent contractor who quite simply deal with jobs that no government or organisation can put their name to. The world’s a dirty place and we are the ones who do the clean-ups. We don’t answer to any particular government.”
Beneath the sight of the public and the media, the organisation Vendicare operates as a truly international task force, taking on the jobs that governments and official bodies refuse to dirty their hands with. Highly trained, technologically advanced and militarily exceptional, billionaire Vincent Natalie runs a powerful organisation that affects the world on a grand scale.
Their latest mission, ‘Angel Faces’, will take them into the heart of hostile territory in Africa to face some of the most influential and feared terrorists of the modern era. But there could be far more at stake for the team on a personal level than they ever imagined…
As the group face the challenge of keeping order and peace on a global scale, will the weight of expectation prove too much for the men and women facing the ultimate responsibility?


My thoughts

This book was sent to be free in exchange for an honest and fair opinion



When the 1st chapter ends and the 2nd chapter begins with 3 years later, you know at some point chapter 1 is going to come back and bit the protagonists in the ass, and this is the case in Scott Vincent’s Angel Faces.

The characters are well written but seem just a little bit too good to be true, but then they are the best in their field and head hunted for the jobs that they take on, these characters are likable but made me feel a little inadequate.

However, I do like the fact that the female characters employed in Vendicare are as strong as the men and are not going to run around screaming but gram a gun and put the boot in, so well done for Vincent writing some very strong yet still feminine female characters.

The plot is a good one Vendicare takes on jobs that world government’s do not want to take responsibility for, created and run by billionaire Vincent Natalie, Vendicare’s employees are the best and sourced from the SAS and Navy Seals among others. However, the plot line that gives the book it’s title ‘Angel Faces’ is over at around the halfway mark and the team go on to plan another operation that did not take place in this book but will I assume be in the next one..

Although it was a slow start, while the characters were introduced and the nature of what Vendicare does was explained, once the story picked up it kicked into high gear and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I liked the majority of the characters but I found Jodie irritating, always wanting to take part in team operations even though she had no training, Vincent’s daughter Kerry seems the typical teenager, more interested in music and lazing around which kept a nice note of reality to the story.

The book ended on a cliff hanger and while I want to know what is going to happen with regards to this, it isn’t the sort of cliff hanger that means you need to read the next book if you don’t really want to.


What I liked –  The story was gripping

                 Strong female characters not just used for decoration

                Characters were will developed with their own personalities and quirks

                Very little romance, but what there was humanised the characters without         detracting from the main plot


What I didn’t like –    Very slow to get started

                        As soon as the book got going the title operation was dealt with and the author moved on to setting up the plot for the next installment.


Overall this was a good strong read and I will be picking up the next in the series when it comes out.


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