Hi everyone my name is Andrea, I live in South Wales and I love books, I have been reading longer than I can remember and have always loved books. When I was tiny apparently my favourite book was The Enormous Turnip, and my Mother hates that book to this day because she had it read it so many times.

Looking back most of my favourite memories are book related, I grew up in a small Welsh village and the nearest library was several miles away, however a mobile library would visit weekly and I can still remember climbing the steps and the smell of the interior, browsing for books with my Mother and choosing the few that would be my company for the next week, then when I went to Secondary School, there was the library we had there, I could have spent forever in that part of the school.

When I started collecting Marilyn books, scouring the bookshops was one of my favourite things to do, sadly many of those shops no longer existed, but when I am out and about no matter where, a bookshop will always call me over.

Luckily I don’t live to far away from one of my favourite towns – Hay on Wye, also known as the book town of Britain, I try and go once a year – anything more would be madness.

Here you will find my thoughts on books I have read, booktubers, book shopsH and authors, if you love books, I hope you will come back and chat with me about the books I have read and please feel free to recommend books you love and think I should read.


Happy Reading xxx


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