An Unremembered Grave by Abigail Padgett

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Danni Telfer, abandoned as a toddler, has no idea what the fading tattoo of a white rose on her left shoulder means. Nor does she want to remember the peculiar perceptions that disturbed her childhood. A talented historian, Danni’s focus is on the Louisiana research project she hopes will land her a job that doesn’t involve teaching bored college freshmen. But she’s walking into a confluence of events that will change her life forever.
His story preserved only in a threadbare quilt fashioned by a slave during the Civil War, the Vampire Grimaud has slept for a century and a half beneath the soil of a Louisiana plantation called Angola. The place is now a prison of over six thousand men locked in sweltering isolation. One of these, Antoine Dupre, is innocent of the decade-old murder for which he is imprisoned. Yet now he must kill or be killed, unless, impossibly, he can prove his innocence.
When a prisoner crew back-hoeing the warden’s latest project, a golf course, unearths the vampire’s grave, Stéphane Grimaud wakes to a future beyond his imagination. Without help he will be vulnerable. How fortunate that an adept, a mortal gifted with the ability to see beings who exist in shadows, is nearby. Yet how strange that she fears him!
These three – historian, prisoner and vampire – have only a moment in time in which to alter a future already written. And the cost to each will be immeasurable.


My thoughts

This really is a vampire story with a difference, a world in which vampires are not evil, but instead the custodians of human history.. The characters are interesting in this book, the girl with no family, no idea of her history, the fact she is a witch and what she is capable of.

The vampire who has been asleep for 150 years, trying to get used to and fit in with the modern world and the highly educated man wrongly convicted of a murder he did not commit, desperately looking for a miracle before another inmate kills him.

Danni, our main character has to try and lrean about herself and her powers as well as helping Stephane, the vampire acclimatise to the world today and help him fit in, while also solving the murder case that sent Antoine to Angola for Life, and on top of that she has her research project to finish.

Phew what a busy girl!

The story is well thought out and nicely written, the book is easy to read and flows smoothly, all the characters are well defined and their differences clear and this does cause some interesting conflicts, a lovely story, well worth a read. I hope Abigail Padgett will continue Danni and Stephane’s story soon.



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