Billionaire by Peter James


City stockbroker Alex Rocq leads a comfortable life – with a luxury flat in London, a country cottage, a very expensive car, and a lucrative job that still leaves time for leisure. But all this isn’t enough. After receiving a tip-off, Alex decides to play the commodities market for himself. He soon learns the hard way that fortune doesn’t always favour the brave, and his luck comes to an abrupt end.

When he is offered the chance to write off his debts – in exchange for special services and silence – Rocq can’t believe his luck. But how far will a desperate man go to harness the power players around him?


My thoughts

I read this as part of Booktubathon 2016

This is one of Peter James’ earlier works originally published in 1983 , and the characters are not the most sympathetic, in fact for a long time, I really felt that I didn’t care what happened and if I hadn’t been reading this for Booktubeathon I probably would have dnf’d it.

The Main character of Alex Rocq, frankly irritated me to start with, he gambles money he doesn’t have and drives recklessly. The other characters are just nasty, all grabbing for money and women (or men) and not caring about anything but themselves, the only character I actually like was Prince Missh.

However, as with all Peter James novels the story is engaging and well written and as the plot developed I found myself routing for Alex and hoping he would succeed, and escape from the people trying to kill him, it was here that I started to care and this part of the plot had me on the edge of my seat.

The ending has a great Peter James twist and I am glad that I finished reading it.


In the end 4/5

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