How many books are too many?

I previously posted about culling my book collection and I also posted a video on Youtube about my physical TBR pile, but what about E-books?

How many are on your TBR? Currently on my Kindle I have over 500 unread titles. Why so many?

Well. I periodically look through the free Kindle reads on Amazon and add anything that looks interesting, sometimes I can add 40 or 50 at a time!

I do work through them as I read on my breaks at work, though I am currently using my phone as I have now got my 3rd Kindle (the screens just do not last for some reason) and I am saving it form my holiday, and again I will read a lot on holiday and these will all be e-books.

Now I have joined NetGalley, but here I am more restrained, I download books one at a time, read then review, then once I have sent my feedback, look for another one.

I don’t know if I will ever get through all of my TBR – especially as I am buying a lot of books at the moment, but I am going to try not to download any more free ones until I have made a significant dent in the ones I have.


I have so many that I recently bought a paperback book, only to find that I had downloaded a free copy any not read it! But via the free books, I have discovered some great titles and authors that I would am more willing to risk buying a book by, I just need to stop the looking for at the Freebies!

Wish me luck I’m off to tackle my TBR!!

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