My First Reading Journal

I have kept diaries for years, even if I don’t fill them out daily, every year I buy a new A4 Page a day desk diary and this year I am so far doing well at recording events that happen and my thoughts. However this is the first year I have decided to keep a reading journal. Although I track my reading on Goodreads, I thought it woud be nice to have a hard copy record of all the books I read in a year.

So I watched some Tiktok and Youtube videos andd took inspiration from them and used the layouts and prompts that suited me. Here are some photos

The book I chose

And that so far is what it looks like, though rather than draw the stars I bought 1000 sticky gold ones to use, because I can also give them to Jennifer. So far I am enjoying keeping the journal and try and update as much as I can as soon as I finish a book.

I may do some double page spreads of favourite books if I feel like it, easpeically as Michelle Morgan’s new book ‘When Marilyn Met the Queen’ is due out very soon. Needless to say I am very exited about that book, but more on that when the time comes.

Do you keep a reading journal? Or do you just track on one of the apps, like Goodreads? Let me know in the comments below.

About Andrea Pryke

I have been collecting Marilyn Monroe items since 1990 and the collection includes around 400 books, as well as films, documentaries, dolls, records and all sorts of other items
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