Little Girl Lost: The life and hard times of Judy Garland by Al DiOrio


Judy Garland was born Frances Gumm, was on stage from the age of 2 1/2 and died aged 47. Weaving all the fascinating sides of her life through the texture of her unique career, Al DiOrio creates a magical picture of innocence, talent and heartbreak. Here are all the moments of triumph and tragedy, the men in her life – the bad and the beautiful: Mickey Rooney, Robert Donat, Louis B. Mayer, Arthur Freed, David Rose, Vincente Minnelli, Robert Walker, Joe Pasternak, Sid Luft, John F. Kennedy.


My Thoughts

Published just 4 years after Judy Garland’s death in London, Little Girl Lost is a fan biography of the star dubbed ‘The World’s Greatest Entertainer’ and although lovingly written, it is clearly a fan bio written through the Rose Tinted glasses of youth, even the author has said in the years since, that there was so much more to her story.

Although the more traumatic episodes of Judy’s life are skirted over, what this book does give us is something that the popular press, when reviewing new books on the star does not mention – the triumphs, the legend, the laughter and the talent. If Garland was as bad as everyone said then she never wound have made as many movies as she did, as many records and performed as many concerts.

While maybe not as thoroughly researched as some books on Garland (anything by John Fricke is highly recommended.), it is a lovely look at a troubled and sometimes troublesome star.

I gave this 3 out of 5* on Goodreads


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