Do you Goodreads Challenge?

I have attempted the Goodreads challenge since 2011 and I have only completed it once! I think I set my goal to high, but  after I completed the challenge I wanted to set I higher goal otherwise where was the challenge?

Anyway since then I have failed, but then sometimes I read really big books and sometimes really small – currently I am reading one of about 800 pages and it is not any easy read, so it is taking me longer than usual. I also read more than one book at a time because I read on my phone at work as I don’t want to carry the 800 page beast of a book with me.

I also tend to read more in winter when it is cold and dark, or when I am on holiday, but generally really do get distracted by one of my other hobbies, usually photography. I am still attempting the Goodreads challenge because I think it encourages me to read more, though if I don’t complete it, it is not the end of the world.

Currently I am only 7 books behind and with a holiday looming it is likely I will catch up when on holiday.


But really the only challenge should be to enjoy reading, whatever book you decide to read, whether it is A brief history of time or 50 Shades of grey, it really doesn’t matter as long as you keep on reading.


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