Blog Tour – A Kingdom Falls by John Owen Theobald


London, 1944. Britain’s capital is back in the firing line. It has been several years since the Blitz ended, but now death is dropping from the skies once more. Has the tide of war turned again?

Anna Cooper survived the Blitz but she lost her mother and the people closest to her. Amid the flames and rubble, she discovered that everything she thought she knew about her family was a lie. She learned that nobody was prepared to take an orphaned girl seriously and she decided to fight back.

Now, Anna flies warplanes for the Air Transport Auxiliary but she knows it is not enough. Hitler is ready to unleash one final terrifying secret weapon, against which there is no defence. But Anna won’t let that happen. If there is no defence, there is only one option: attack.


My thoughts

In the final installment of this fantastic trilogy, Theobald, takes his characters and pushes them to their limits, brilliantly written A Kingdom Falls continues Anna’s story as she fights to save England from Germany’s fiercest weapon – the V2 rocket.

Anna is fantastically written  character, a great role model, as she refuses to give out not matter what. Timothy Squire is a sympathetic young man who witnesses the horrors of war, fights hard while wanting to run away and just go home.

This is a powerful story of the unsung heroes of the war – the ATA – a group of women who flew planes to where they were needed without using any navigational instruments, these women are only now starting to be recognised for the work they did in supporting the war effort and Theobald highlights the dangers they faced brilliantly and even takes it a step further.

It is hard to imagine any of the women of the ATA returning to normal civilian life and going back to their kitchens and being wives and mother’s, Theobald also explores this aspect of the end of the war brilliantly.

This is a fantastic trilogy and the characters are believable and well written, even the villains have depth and are well fleshed out.

The story and characters will stay witt you long after you have read the last page and closed the book.

5 out of 5 stars

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