Why I started Reviewing Books

You may have wondered why I decided to start reviewing books and posting them on this blog and why I started posting videos on Youtube, again about books.

Well there are a couple of reasons:

Firstly – I love reading , it is something I am completely passionate about and if my passion can ignite a desire in someone else to pick up a book and read, well that would be an amazing achievement.


Secondly – I have read so many books over the years, both physical and in e-book format that sometimes I cannot remember anything about them, by really concentrating on the stories, characters and writing style, I am hoping  that I will remember the book more clearly in the future.

And thirdly I wanted to discover people who also love books as much as I do, that way I can hopefully find new books that are recommended to me by others, as some times I do tend to stick to the same genre, and hopefully those people might pick up some of the books I love.


If you have a book blog why did you start it?

If you are a reader, what books do you like and what do you think I should read?


Let me know in the comments below.

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One Response to Why I started Reviewing Books

  1. Nirmala says:

    Gorgeous piles! 🙂 I started my blog for similar reasons; to keep track of what I read and help me remember the plot better.

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