Tamzin Clarke v Jack the Ripper by Lauren Stock

Dragon Girl Press

19th Jan 2016


Tamzin Clarke’s life seems to be falling into place. She has Jimmy, her musician boyfriend, and a solid group of friends. She’s been taking dance class for ten years, and has been promoted to instruct a first year tumbling class. She works in her dad’s antique shop on the weekends, and is proud of her grades in school. Then she meets Daniel, the one who makes her question everything. Who is Daniel, and why does he keep disappearing? When her sister is murdered, Tamzin’s mom is the lead detective on the case, which soon turns into a serial killing spree. The deaths mirror the case of Jack the Ripper, but there couldn’t be a connection. Could there? Tamzin is now on the case.


My thoughts

This book was free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and fair review

I enjoyed this book and the concept of Jack the Ripper being half human half demon, and that he needs to eat the flesh of his victims to keep the demon side sated (also shades of Sweeney Todd as he bakes the victims innards in pies).

When Tamzin’s Aunt Vickie is horrifically murdered by the Ripper, Tamzin’s mother who is a homicide cop leads the investigation, however it is really down to Tamzin to save the day.

The book was a well written YA supernatural thriller, that for a change is not about Zombies or Vampires (you can have too much of a good thing).

The characters are all interesting and Tamzin comes across as a spunky teenager, who amazingly has time for school, dance, teaching, helping in her dads shop and watching her boyfriend’s band at gigs. However, when the mysterious Daniel turns up she does develop feelings for him.

Other than Jack and Daniel, the rest of the characters are mainly peripheral, but as this is going to be a series, I am sure those characters will be explored more in future books.)

I do like the way that the author has no qualms about killing off likeable characters and the injuries inflicted by the Ripper, while horrific are consistent with the real Jack the Ripper (although he did mutilate the face as well)

One of the problems however is the fact that they have Tamzin’s mother investigating Vickie’s death, although Vickie is called Tamzin’s Aunt they are not related however it is unlikely that someone that close to the victim would be allowed to investigate the case due to a conflict of interests. Other than that, it’s a great story which I really enjoyed.

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars

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