Clearing the shelves

The Goodread shelves that is

I recently decided to tidy my Goodreads account, I had far too many shelves which were frankly unnecessary, including shelves for each year, but as I do the challenge they were redundant, I also had shelves for crime, photography and all sorts of others, but I would forget to update them and only add the books to the Read shelf.

So I deleted them all and started again, so now the only shelves I have other than the 3 you already have are:


Marilyn Monroe (I have so many books on her)





This makes it much more manageable and easier to use. I have also started listing all my physical and e-books on my TBR shelf, something I have never bothered with before.

Of course this gives me a TBR of over 550 titles. I have stopped looking for free e-books, but I haven’t stopped buying physical ones – that would be too harsh. I’m going to try and read a few before I add any more, but will still pick up the odd few from NetGally.

And on that note I’m off to continue reading my current book – I’m sure that review will follow shortly

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