The boy in her dreams by Laekan Zea Kemp


When Roman wakes from a six month coma, the first thing he sees is the girl of his dreams. Except Bryn isn’t confined to the dream-state anymore and neither is he. He’s awake and alive and as the memories of how he and Bryn fell in love come rushing back, so do the memories of why he’s lying in that hospital bed in the first place.
Plagued by guilt, Roman makes a decision that alters both their fates and as Bryn fights for her life in a German hospital, Roman must fight for her forgiveness before it’s too late. Because Roman and Bryn weren’t the only things to wake out of Bryn’s dreams. The shadows seem to be hunting them both and a strange side effect of Roman’s miraculous recovery may be the only means of stopping them. That is, if he can reach Bryn before she slips too deeply into the very dreams that seem to be imposing more and more on their waking lives every day.

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My thoughts

In this sequel to The Girl in Between, we learn more about Bryn and the reason for her dreams and who the boy (Roman) is and where he belongs in her life.

Again this is well written with the characters developing as their story unfolds, new characters are introduced and again these are well written and believable. I cannot recommend this series enough as you will find yourself on a roller-coaster of emotions as the characters continue their journey, friends and family come and go, die and just simply disappear from the timeline as Bryn finds out what her powers are for and what she can achieve with them.

I usually only read the first book in a series if it is only available as a download, but this series is so gripp9ing and enjoyable that I will be buying the third and final part soon.

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads

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