The Curse of the Bridal Chamber by Hunter Murphy

Rolltop Publishing

Sept 15 2016


The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida. When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass-bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of the Alabama visitors for the crime.
Now the aging amateur crime solver must exonerate her own family, but unearthing a killer among the park’s past and present mermaids and employees promises to be no easy task, since so many of them are thrilled that the victim is sleeping with the fishes. And a decades-old curse that has deposited more than one dead body in the Bridal Chamber spring now seems focused on Imogene and her kin, who are wading into dangerous waters indeed. Witty and colourful, The Curse of the Bridal Chamber will keep you enthralled until the final surprising revelation


My thoughts

I liked the idea behind this book, but it just didn’t work for me, part of me is hoping that this is not the finished product, it is a very odd book, the first half of the story really jarred with me and seemed really disjointed, with the characters really over reacting at the situations they were in and it just didn’t flow, after the 50% point, it was like a different writer had taken over and the story flowed so much better and the characters settled down.

However, I really wanted to give the sisters Imogene and Agnes a good slap in the face, they were just so obnoxious, yet they are supposed to be the heroines of the pliece.

I did like the relationships between Billy and Jackson, and Peter Luce and Frances, especially the later 2 who were beautifully defined.

Another gripe I have is that the book is too long for the story, a lot of the same things are gone over, when it is not necessary and the story with the monkey seemed pointless and could e removed without detriment to the story.

It is a shame because this story has the potential to be a very funny and good read, but it’s just not for me in it’s present form.

I received a copy of this book  from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review for an honest review

I gave this 1 out of 5* on Goodreads.


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