To Kill For – A J Carella


Families can be murder … do you trust yours?
Money and a handsome fiancé from a good family. What more could a girl want?
Jamie McKay appears to have the perfect life, but things suddenly start to go horribly wrong. A sudden death and a run-in with a would-be killer leave her alone, afraid and a long way from home.
Kat McKay, long estranged from her family, returns to the small town she hasn’t been back to since she walked away as a teenager. Determined to find out what happened to her niece, she must face the demons from her past and enlist the help of the man she left behind.
Can the McKays survive the explosive results?




My Thoughts

To Kill For has a gripping story line, which lasts right through until the end. I read this in just one sitting, the book has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the big reveal.

The only problem I had was I felt that characters could have been more defined, as this book is the firs in a series hopefully the characters will become more and more real as the series progresses. However I really wanted to know why the character of Kat left town for Los Angeles and why she was so reluctant to return and finally stay, why would sge attend her Aunt and Uncle’s funeral, but not those of her own parents?

Why did her Aunt and Uncle push their adopted son the way they did and I am sure that many of these questions will be revealed in subsequent books.

The copy i read was a free Amazon Kindle download and while I enjoyed the book it didn’t make me want to rush back to Amazon and download the next in the series. Although if it ever popped up on the free list of downloads I probably would add it to my TBR.


I rated this 2 out of 5 * on Goodreads


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